Mundal Båt AS

Strigin manufactures robust and durable window systems for Mundal Båt AS.

Mundal Båt AS manufactures vessels in composite materials, primarily for the Norwegian fishing industry. Their vessels are built to operate in rapidly changing weather conditions and heavy sea states.

Strigin assists with the design and production of fixed and sliding windows that enable emergency evacuation.
All windows are made with saltwater-resistant aluminium and with insulating glass for the best possible crew comfort.

Ship window from Strigin installed in pump boat in composite materials for a Norwegian salmon farming application. Hull thickness 45mm. The windscreen has 10h float, 20 argon, 5h float insulated glass.

Pump boat at the quay.

Sliding window for emergency evacuation. Size: 1,820mm wide 1,220mm high.

Pump boat delivered to end-customer.